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“You have places to go, dreams to live, and worlds to create, so never settle for anything less than jewelry that will rise to the occasion. While our collections range from trend-making to timeless and classic, all pieces have one thing in common: they were constructed to be durable, unique, and reflective of the high product quality standards that define our brand.”

We believe that how a piece is made affects the energy it carries to its wearer, so we make fostering good relationships with the crafters and suppliers with whom we work a priority. RAGEN’s collections are handcrafted by women working in safe, ethical conditions all over the world, with production sourced from Italy, Venezuela, Turkey, Colombia, and the United States. How can a necklace or ring do that?

Fine Jewelry

Our fine jewelry is made from 14K solid gold with genuine diamonds and precious or semi-precious gemstones.

Semi-Fine Jewelry

Our semi-fine jewelry is crafted using sterling silver, 14K gold plated over sterling silver, or 14K rose gold plated over sterling silver with semi-precious gemstones, Swarovski crystals, or high-quality[b] cubic zirconia.

Grounded in Feminine Power

Each and every RAGEN piece was designed with intention and compassion. We manufacture our pieces in Turkey and Columbia, collaborating with entirely women-owned companies who ensure ethical working conditions for their employees. From start to finish, our jewelry is passed through the hands of a global community of women. We hope you feel the positive energy of feminine collective power from the moment you slip on your first gem.

Every RAGEN Jewel gained its supercharged status from the amazing women who have shaped us and have helped write our story with their talent, vision, drive, and creativity… and now that story includes you, too. We’re so glad you’re glowing with us.

“RAGEN is a living connection to a lineage of strong, powerful women—a reflection of gratitude to the aunts, cousins, and grandmothers who gifted me with my first jewels, lifted my dreams, and lit up my passion. Every piece in our collection celebrates the unique, universal bond between women, from maker to wearer.”

About the Founder

The RAGEN look can’t be contained in a single style—it’s defined by the mixing and mingling of traditional and delicate, powerful and edgy, soulful and free-spirited in a gorgeous mosaic of individuality. If browsing our collections or scrolling through our Instagram posts has left you wondering where our brand gets its worldliness, endless positivity, and sugar-and-spice vibe, we owe it all to our founder, Negar.

Negar’s creative vision has roots in cultural crossroads: she draws inspiration from her Middle Eastern heritage, her formative years on the sunny Mediterranean coast of France, her time spent as a (Metro)card-carrying New Yorker, and RAGEN’s latest chapter in colorful Miami. She is a woman who walks through life with curiosity and optimism, a true joy-seeker, and these qualities are reflected in all of our jewelry… a big part of why we believe the RAGEN brand has resonated so deeply with women around the world.

RAGEN’s influences include:

South of France—Mediterranean hues, southern European flair, glittering landscapes.

NYC—fashion world, endless creative energy, street style.

Middle East—the power of symbols, heritage and history, family

Negar’s love affair with jewelry began when she received her first piece of charm jewelry as a child, leading her to instantly develop a fascination for symbolic and expressive gems. She noticed how relatives, neighbors, and friends expressed their affections through the gift of jewelry and cultivated a deep appreciation for the emotional charge a piece can possess. Now, whether it’s a hamsa bracelet inspired by her grandmother or a sassy hair pin spun out of a late-night cab ride with the windows down, all of Negar’s jewelry shares one common thread: it carries GOOD energy.

Negar is currently living out her soul’s purpose as the CEO and Founder of RAGEN Jewels. She sincerely hopes you live yours out, too, and that a piece of jewelry she created will help you feel encouraged, inspired, and fulfilled on your journey.

When you’re true to yourself, people are drawn to you. We are so grateful you have been drawn to RAGEN Jewels.