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Fine Jewelry Collection

14K gold Jewels you’ll never want to take off. Carefully designed with gold, diamonds and fine stones to last you a lifetime.


The Personalized Jewelry Collection

Jewels made to celebrate your one-of-a-kind light, our personalized line of jewelry can be customized to spell out your name, your mantra, or the message you want to send the world.

“Jewelry has transformative powers, so when I design, I envision giving you companions in your quest for happiness. I hope you'll find little answers in each piece, and that your gems give you the confidence, joy, and connection to ground you while still dreaming big, filling your heart with all the feels you want to feel. We all have a story to live, so why not make yours a deep and fulfilling one?”
Ragen Jewels founder - Negar

Negar N.