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Product Care

As resilient as our Jewels are, all fine metal and gemstone pieces are susceptible to damage, discoloration, and tarnishing when exposed to certain substances or undue pressure. It's our dream for your RAGEN purchase to be fully loved and lived in, but to keep your jewelry looking like new, here's when not to wear:

  • While getting ready Let hair products, makeup, perfume, and lotion completely set before donning your gems.
  • While sunbathing or tanning — A little color looks great on you, but tanning oil, sunscreen, and direct sunlight can damage your jewelry.
  • While taking a dip — When you hit the pool or the waves, leave your accessories high and dry.
  • While working out — We all love a good #fitspo selfie, but save your stacks for after you hit the showers.
  • While tidying up — Stow your pieces when cleaning and doing chores around the house and yard.

Be careful not to pull, snag, or stretch pieces while handling them as they are delicate! When cleaning your Jewels, make sure you select a cleanser made for the material of the piece, as using a cleanser for the wrong metal or stone may cause tarnishing and abrasion. Treat your RAGEN faves like the treasures they are and they'll shine bright for years to come!

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